Let’s get back to basics, as in Human Anatomy 101. Our bodies are pretty impressive and amazingly designed, but we do not operate by wifi. We are hard-wired. Our spinal cord runs from our brain and connects to every part of our body by our nerves. The vertebrae encase the spinal cord to protect it. Thirty-three individual vertebrae move, so that we can move! In between the vertebrae, you have discs that act as shock absorbers.

So those are the basics, but let’s focus on this point; we are hard-wired, and every single thing we do is first a thought that translates to an action by communication from the brain through the nerves to a particular part of our body. Some actions are voluntary; for example, as I create this article, I think a thought that sends an action to my fingers across the typewriter.

Some actions are involuntary; our organs and glands are constantly functioning through the day and even as we sleep, but we never think, “hey pancreas, produce some insulin now.” This function happens whether we think it or not, but it first comes from the brain, through the nervous system to the pancreas, and eventually produces insulin.

Nerve Chart

This concept is part of the foundation of chiropractic. Every single action, whether voluntary or involuntary, goes through the spinal cord. If there is a subluxation in the vertebral column, it will cause interference with this communication. Whether it is something super noticeable and painful, think sciatica, or something that you might not realize, like allergies or a suppressed immune system, interference will cause your body not to function correctly. The good news is that this can all be “adjusted” (pardon a little chiropractic pun)! Getting adjusted regularly will keep your nervous system flowing as it is designed to and your body functioning as it should be.


So, what does this mean for your immune system? For all intentions, our immune system is an abstract concept to us until we are sick. Then, we feel our glands swollen, our bodies get hot, and we know something is happening. BUT, our immune system is there ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t just show up when we are sick, and it is constantly working! Sometimes, when we don’t take care of ourselves, it is overworking.

Things you have probably heard of to support your immune system are sleep, water, exercise, manage stress. But, one of the best things you can do for your immune system is a chiropractic adjustment. Clear the subluxations that lead directly to your immune system function. Placebo studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can boost the immune system by 200%! That is amazing! What does a 200% boost in your immune system look like?

  • Fewer colds overall
  • Fewer days sick
  • Fewer days off from work
  • Less time isolated from your family

In Conclusion

What would that mean to your quality of life? How would not being chronically sick or your kids being chronically ill change your life? How would it change your life as a parent to know that even if your children get sick, their immune system is rock solid and will kick some viral butt!

A chiropractic adjustment is not just about getting rid of pain (in fact, pain is probably the last symptom of vertebral subluxation); it is about functioning optimally and fully expressing your life!

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