Why Trust Us?

We are a group of wellness professionals under one roof conveniently located in Clifton, New Jersey - chiropractic, massage therapy, cupping and acupuncture - working together to promote better health.  Our goal is to restore and correct most musculoskeletal disorders.  We are dedicated to promoting a higher degree of healing at a faster rate.


We implement the spinal re-curve method, which allows the cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves to restore in a short period of time with no pain or suffering.  We utilize the re-curve chair, a full spine curve correction device that expedites the correction of headaches and neck pain.  


Stress and fatigue are a part of our everyday existence but they can lead to serious health problems. If untreated, the chain reaction creates higher levels of stress and fatigue as well as insomnia and chronic illness.  We address the whole cycle and treat the cause, not the symptoms.



1135 Clifton Ave,
1st Floor, Suite 105