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September 6, 2016


Did you know, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are more than 6,500 emergency room visits each year by children ages 5-18 which stem from injuries related to heavy backpacks or book bags. Additional research further shows that by the end of their teen years, nearly 60 percent of children experience at least one low-back pain episode. Backpack loads are responsible for a significant amount of back pain in children, teens and college students.


Common Symptoms of Poor Backpack Loading or Carrying include neck pain, headaches, poor posture, shoulder pain or stiffness.


1. Choose right: Not too long or short. Proper Size is 75% of the length of your back. Approximately the space between the shoulder blades and waist.


2. Pack Right: The maximum weight of the loaded backpack should not exceed 15% of your body weight. If your child's Body weight is 80 pounds, the maximum backpack weight is 12 pounds.


3. Wear Right: Use both shoulder straps, they should be snug but not tight. Straps should be Adjustable, 1 1/2" wide and padded. Fits well resting on the lower back


4. Fill Right: Make sure pens and pencils or other sharp object are kept in a safe pocket so they will not poke through and injure you or someone else.


5. Back Comfort: The backpack should be Comfortable for the child.


Advanced Rehab & Wellness Center can help your child with problems associated with heavy backpacks and advise you on how to avoid future injuries.Call Dr. Fano today and put your child on the path of good health.



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